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Integrity Motor Company has advisors who can assist you with the best options to finance your next vehicle purchase. The approval process is quick and easy, you do not need to be a home owner to qualify, and approvals are given for most deals within an hour of being submitted, seven days a week. Consider the brief summary of our finance options and either request a quotation now or complete our confidential online credit application for pre-approval. By completing this form you agree to Integrity Motors performing a preliminary credit check.

If you would prefer to fill these details in with one of our representatives, please phone us on 06 348 5599 or use the contact form to make an appointment.

Declaration Terms:
Authorisation for credit check, Collections, Use and Declaration of information


I/We authorise Integrity Motor Company to collect such information as may be required by Integrity Motor Company to determine whether or not to accept my/our application for finance.


I/We authorize Integrity Motor Company to obtain any information about me/us via Credit Check/s from any debt collection company/agency or any other company/agency that Integrity Motor Company may wish to use to obtain information from to assess My/Our credit worthiness.


I/We acknowledge that Integrity Motor Company may disclose to credit reference agencies any default I/We may make in our obligations to Integrity Motor Company and that such company/agency may pass such information on to its customers.


I/We would like to be kept informed of Integrity Motor Company’s products and services that may be of use to us.


Any information about me/us received by Integrity Motor Company will be held by Integrity Motor Company and may be accessed and corrected by Me/Us pursuant o the Privacy Act 1993.

Personal Property Securities Act 1999 Verification Statement Waiver

The customer waives the need for Integrity Motor Company to forward it a copy of any verification statement in respect of any statement or financing change statement registered under the Personal Property securities act 1999 (“PPSA”) by Integrity Motor Company in connection with any agreement/contract with Integrity Motor Company.

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Fees / Interest Rates / Terms / Insurance

Fees / Interest Rates/ Insurance

Standard Terms and Costs

Schedule of fees and charges / Interest rate guide

Schedule of fees and charges / Interest rate guide